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Wooden Duwwa - Customized (Khaki Brown)

Wooden Duwwa - Customized (Khaki Brown)

KWD 38.00
Handmade wooden khaki brown Duwwa with leather handles in white and handmade customization with the name/word of your choice on a leather in white with iron heat preservation two piece set + 2 candles for heating up the drinks

Perfect for winter for heating up drinks like tea, arabic coffee, turkish, french and hot chocolate, karak and herbs and for s’mores and marshmallows

You can use candles or coal in a very small amount for heating up only with sand under the coal, perfect use indoors and outdoors

Perfect If You Want to Send Your Beloved Ones Something With Specialized Packaging With Their Name

Special Features:
Elegant: product is elegant and comes in multiple colors fit for all corners
Size: perfect for coffee tables and corners
Handmade: Duwwa is handmade with handmade printing
gift : you can gift this product as it comes in special packaging with the ability to add a card.
Size: 35 x 20 x 15.5
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Availability:In stock
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