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Nazek Room Spray

Nazek Room Spray

As low as KWD 20.00
Room spray sold as set of Three . Indulge yourself by choosing between three distinguishable Fragrances with an Elegant Carrying Packaging

Difference Scent is a fresh blend of Patchouli, Amber and Fruits.
Musk Scent consist of fragrance of Pure Musk.
Joy Scent consist of fragrance of Musk, Damask Rose and Tangerine.

You may choose your sets by selecting the fragrance of your choice

Sprays are Suitable for Home, Offices, Cars and Clothes
High in Intensity and Long Lasting Scents

Spray once or twice depending on the size of the room. The smell will immediately spread throughout the room.
Size: 3 Sprays of 250ml with scent of your choice.
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