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Tea & Coffee Corner Solution

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  1. Acrylic Tea Set & Coffee
  2. Tea Set
    Tea Set
    As low as KWD 28.00
  3. Flasks Hangers bag
  4. Beverages Glass Bottles Set
  5. Dhai Moon Crescent Travertine Tray
  6. Dhai Travertine Elegant serving tray
  7. Acacia Crescent Moon Tray
  8. Acacia Gahwa Cup Holder
  9. Acacia Serving Tray With Complete Set of Tea
  10. Coffee Corner Setup
    Coffee Corner Setup
    As low as KWD 29.00
  11. Espresso Lover's Gift
  12. Tea Mug Infuser
    Tea Mug Infuser
    As low as KWD 8.00
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