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Office Organizer Gift.

Office Organizer Gift.

As low as KWD 28.00

Gift Office Set is made out of 7 pieces and you can add to and extra piece:

  • Name Label made of wood wrapped with leather and your name will be mentioned
  • Desk Leather for office desk
  • Scented Candles with a leather cover adding to it a letter of your choice
  • A stylish mirror with a wodden stand and you can choose phrase
  • Leather tissue holder
  • Leather pen holder  
  • A leather tray for keys and other desk accessories
  • You ma add on as per your choice a Mubkhar customized with your choice to add a letter

Perfect gift for all occasions, available in 15 colors to suit many style of office and desks, and you can style it the way you want

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Set of 7 Stationary Pieces for The Desk Made Out of Luxurious Leather.
You Can Choose:

⁃ Name + Last Name on The Name Plate + Profession Identification Such as (Mr, Miss, Mrs, Dr, Eng)
⁃ Letter on The Candle
⁃ Letter on The Mirror

The Set Contains:

⁃ Handmade Leather Mat for The Desktop
⁃ Name Plate with Handmade Printing Made Out of Wood and Leather
⁃ Tissue Bag Made Out of Leather * Fits Regular Tissue Size
⁃ Rectangular Customized Table Mirror with Wooden Stand & Handmade Printing
⁃ Vanilla Scented Customized Candle with Handmade Leather Sleeve & Printing
⁃ Multipurpose Handmade Leather Small Basket
⁃ Pens Holder Made Out of Leather

Special Features:

⁃ Functional: Has a Specific Purpose, Like Most Desktop Organizers/ Sets and Accessories: Keeps You Organized.
⁃ Stylish: Whether You Seek Desk Accessories for Men or Woman, This Product Is Perfect For Both As We Offer 5 Different Colors That Works For Both Genders.
⁃ Specialized: It Is Distinguishable & Elegant; You Can Customize it With Your Name And Your Profession Identification
⁃ Gift Appropriate: You Can Gift This Product For Such Occasions as: New Job, Promotion, New Office, For Managers, Engineers, Teachers, Doctors…..Etc
⁃ Special Packaging: It Comes with Special Packaging & a Gift Card
⁃ Cleanable: This Product Is Easy to Clean


⁃ Leather Mat 40 x 60 Cm
⁃ Name Plate 22*9*2.5 Cm
⁃ Tissue Bag 24*14.5 Cm
⁃ Mirror 17*12 Cm
⁃ Mirror Stand 5*4*4 Cm
⁃ Candle 7.5 Cm
⁃ Multipurpose Basket 18.5*18.5 Cm
⁃ Pens Holder 13*7.5 Cm

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